Show your Rig, or MDX-15 or 20 set-up?

Post pictures of your finished work!

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Show your Rig, or MDX-15 or 20 set-up?

Post by ToddMichael » Thu May 27, 2010 9:50 am

Curious to see other set-ups!

In reading through a lot of post I hear of alignment concerns and questions.

I have 3 plates now.

1. Rotary
2. Flat I made with wooden watch vise
3. and now the flipper

Questions I have heard and read are.

1. Leaving the 3D wax mill rail on.
2. Using the short shaft.
3. making the flipper 1/4 to 12 shorter on left to accommodate the 3d Rail
4. forth axis attachment

Would you mind showing your everyday set up and your special set ups to show us newbies other options for leaving our rigs set up?

Todd Michael
Vise Plate.jpg
This one, I ordered a plate from Roland, and glued a old watch, or engravers plate to and drilled a few holding pins into. Must have been the humidity, double back tape never held on long jobs, and hot glue, well sometimes broke the wax when removing.
Vise Plate.jpg (87.24 KiB) Viewed 9232 times
Mill Pic #1.jpg
Flipper plate
Mill Pic #1.jpg (95.74 KiB) Viewed 9232 times

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