paid for the mill!!"

Testimonials from 3dwaxmill users.

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paid for the mill!!"

Post by frog113 » Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:22 am

I'm still in the trial and error stage,but.......
Monday two "geeks" (software engineers) came in to get a plat mounting for a 3/4 ct princess cut and wanted to see what we had, but they needed it early next week.
Showed them one of my stock waxes and pictures and gave them a price, we can do it. etc, etc. OK!
Had downloaded Jeff's cushion gents ring over the weekend and was practicing on my milling..... using suggestions from the forun for tools and brass collets.
Showed them the wax that the mill had just carved and...."WOW-you have a machine that will do that" ( the wax was similar to what he wanted)
Anyway the 3/4 ct was a yet to be internet purchase and, we sold him a 1.03ct VS Pincess cut He approved the finished wax via internert/email and he whipped out the plastic!
Picture attached ... Wax took 44 min draft and 12 min finish using a.67 bur
The machine is super quiet ( and comparing to another machine that costs 8 to 9 times as much) and I think nothing of leaving it on all night
For routing its also alot faster (not as much up and down) and don't have to mess around with nose cones! Nice machine! :D
103princPlat.JPG (156.71 KiB) Viewed 7352 times
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Post by jeff dunnington » Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:12 am

Hey Larry

"Paid for the Mill" You have only had it less than 4 weeks!! I am really happy you are happy with he mill. It is a money making CAD CAM solution for jewelers at a fraction of the price of the others.

Do you have a picture of the wax for the Princess cut you sold?

I know with experience you will see the quality of the waxes get even better than the one you pictured. I will PM you some suggestions.

Thanks for your participation on the board and we look forward to seeing future work.

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