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Colin Creed
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Australian Testimonial

Post by Colin Creed » Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:57 am

I offer my testimonial in the hope that it's of help to others, especially those outside of the USA.

My name is Colin Creed, I live & work in Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Over many years, the focus of my Jewellery business has shifted to my talent as a wax carver.
In doing so, I was being called upon to produce waxes with intricate logo's & lettering incorporated into the designs.
Increasingly I found it almost impossible to meet the needs of my customers.
What was needed was a computerised 3D mill, a CAD/CAM that was straight forward to learn & use.
More importantly, I needed solid (on-going) advice from a Jeweller (not Salesman) who could recommend such a machine, but also knew how to use it.
The majority of machines available to me in Australia only had limited on-going support.
Added to this, there was very few Jewellers using them & those that did were very secretive.
After searching the internet, I came upon the 3D WaxMill website, but more importantly, Jeff Dunnington!
Even though I bought my mill from Roland Aust., Jeff was more than happy to offer me his "Solution Package".
Without this package & access to the Forum, I would be still "playing about" with the basics of this machine.
The combination of Jeff's knowledge of the mill, associated programs, jewellery skills, the Forum & it's always helpful Members, the answer to any potential problem is only a mouse click away.
I can thoroughly recommend Jeff, the Forum & the MDX-15 mill.

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jeff dunnington
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Post by jeff dunnington » Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:02 am

Hey Colin

Thx for your vote of confidences. Your awesome skill as a model maker and jeweler was evident when I went through the pages on your website. I was very excited to have you join our ranks and our 1st International 3dwaxmiller. Your new tool will only accentuate your skills and imagination. . I am very happy that I was able to help.

Thank you for your continuing contributions to the forum and I am forward to seeing more of your work!!.

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Value Added Reseller

Post by RolandJewelryGuy » Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:25 pm

Roland's reseller channel is mainly made up of industrial CAD/CAM resellers that know how to design and manufacture all sorts of products but know very little about making jewelry. Jeff Dunnington is our only dealer that is a custom retailer that has learned the power of the 3D Wax Miller (MDX-15), is willing to share his experiences with other jewelers and is smart enough to leverage the internet so all 3D Wax Millers can help themselves. Brilliant! Spread the news around the world!
David Olson
CAD/CAM Consultant

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