Don't take my Mill away! LOL

Testimonials from 3dwaxmill users.

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Don't take my Mill away! LOL

Post by Nodice9t9 » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:32 pm

Good Day One and All

I would just like to say that after a long search of many CNC machines I have come to see that the 3DWAXMILL is a tool that has opens up a host of ideas and directions that would have cost a jeweler so much in wax carving! I have had to pay the girl I use some big bucks for her talent on some carvings.

I have over the years seen CNC machines coming along as the growth of computers have exploded in the last five years. I have had the chance to use some other machines and I have a Max10 too so there has been some comparison and for me the 3dwaxmill has more to offer in thing such as user friendliness short learning curve and now with the 4 axis covers it all! The only thing that would hold someone back is his or her lack of imagination.

I have used others were you needed to have a coding background to just understand how to use the machine. But with the 3dwaxmill I have had new employees that with in one to two weeks start cutting wax and know what they are doing witch gives me better uses of man hours so it is an other way of cost cutting for me and I can pass this on to my customers.

The only thing that I can see in difference is that my MAX10 to 3dwaxmill is that the construction. The MAX10 is aluminum witch is a stronger material, but what do you need when you just need it to cut wax right? All in all I am very pleased with my 3dwaxmill. Needless to say I have one or two people come by to see how the mill works and one Middle School TEC class too!

Tom Cook
Here in the Great Smoky Mts.
May GOD Bless

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Post by jeff dunnington » Thu Jan 20, 2005 8:59 am

Hey Tom

Glad you are pleased and the 3dwaxmill came out on top of your comparison to the MAX10. Like me the only way to get my mill from me would be to pry my cold dead fingers from it :lol: :lol:

I appreciate your showing off the mill and if you get a chance
you might mention to the TEC teacher we have an Educational package available that includes Rhino and training manuals with curriculum.

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