Follow up of my progress

Testimonials from 3dwaxmill users.

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Follow up of my progress

Post by JewelryDoctor » Fri May 21, 2004 11:57 am

I have now had my mdx-15 since Feb. and let tell you what a god send it has been to my custom design shop. I have as of this date I've done 48 different projects. They range from very simple bands, milled from the side profile. to fancy pave' pieces. The machine has allowed the freedom of adding parts to waxes that are made with the precision that was only available before by welding or adding factory parts. As all of you have experienced in the past; sometimes what you need is not always available. The time that is spent designing the waxes on the computer is much more cost effective because I can do it on the computer faster than I can hand carve, plus if something is not just quite right I just adjust the file and remill. The mills' time is not as valuable as mine so while it mills I am free to do more complicated projects on the wax table. It's like having another wax carver in the shop. As to Jeff Dunnington; what can I say, he has been more than just a saleman he is personally involved with each of his clients and takes great interest in their devolpement of skills using the machine. His efforts in creating this message board is just one of the valuable assests that will make anybody who should chooses this machine feel thet are well supported with their purchase. After owning this machine do I wish that I had gone with a more advanced machine....NO..... I am not a computer geek. I have basic computer skills and I would rather spend time using my MDX to improve my current custom work not becoming a CAD/CAM expert. Besides with alittle imgination and practice I feel that a person can create more than enough pieces that the MDX will become a real advantage to own. So if you are looking to broaden your custom design ability and don't want to spend a fortune then this the machine for you. As an idea of what this machine can do for someone who is just started out with it; please use the link below and see some of the work I have done. Thank-you Jeff it is a pleasure working with you.

Projects page

Michael Parsons
Michael's Jewelry
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jeff dunnington
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Post by jeff dunnington » Sun May 23, 2004 12:00 pm

48 project that's an average of 4 models a week WOW!! :D

I am glad you have had such great success with the system. I think you will agree, depending on the volume of jobs a jewelry shop takes in they also can see results like your if they put our system to work.
"It's like having another wax carver in the shop."
I really have not thought about it that way. Just last week I designed a gents ring and milled it. Unfortunately my burn out was not clean and the casting was not acceptable. I was bummed but all I had to do was tell the mill to carve another wax.

After working with this system I think we will all aspire and want to do more. That is why I am currently working on a rotary axis for the mill and playing more with Rhino. This system has great potential and uses as it is. We can also use it as a stepping stone for a more complicated package. To say the least the 3DWaxMill can pay for itself and the next step what ever it may be.

Thanks for your comments and participation.

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