Second childhood more fun

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Second childhood more fun

Post by Winstone » Sun Jun 17, 2007 2:36 pm

Well, I thought that I would thank Jeff again as I am now entering my second childhood. I have had a mill; no had two mills for several years now, and I have a mill widow wife, who has not amused when I moved one home to play with. Work should not be this much fun. Then I started teaching again, and now as I enter my second childhood, I find that the real treasure here is both in the mill as well as the diverse people who are part of the club.
We need to hear from everyone, some of you guys have been quiet too long, I know that you can work a computer, because you read the posts. There are jewelers, model makers, sculptors, artists, an Orthodox priest, engineers, and people like me who make custom copyrighted things for patrons who never show their treasures.
I am trying to branch out and make projects that I can share with the club. I still travel a lot, design equipment, and consult. My second childhood involves the mill. So, If this old man can open up, surely we can hear from the rest of you. We are not complete without you. Ideas, help, and banter spark creativity, and in creativity we find uses for the mill that enrich us all. Thank you Jeff for your club and allowing us the freedom to
participate in its amazing growth. Winstone

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