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Participation in Club

Post by Winstone » Tue Dec 19, 2006 12:48 pm

While reviewing some of the posts on this club, I realized that a lot of the gang that have mills are not participating. We need you all to be in the club. Each person adds to the wealth of the group, because each being an
individual brings a different slant on things many of us take for granted.
If you have not participated, then give it a try. It will open new windows for you. I know, because it has done a lot for me. I read and re-read posts. Sometimes they are too advanced for my little brain, but if I
take time and try some of the ideas out, I find more than often that a window has been opened. I tell people that on computers I am not fast,
I'm half fast.
Christmas season is approaching. On Christmas Eve we put up the tree. I comes down on the last day of Mardi Gras prior to Lent. During our Christmas we give a gift a day. Our Christmas lasts 12 days. The big gift day is on Ephany or when the Wise Men finally got to Bethlehem. 3 Wise men following a star, and unlike most guys, had to stop and ask for directions. Moses did not stop and ended up wondering around for 40 years. I got across the Siani in half a day with an Arab bus driver. Another
funny story.
I invite everyone who has not put their toe into the Club information pond to give it a try. It may seem luke warm at first, but never cold. The more you use it the warmer it gets, until you will find that your day or week is not complete unless you plunge into discussions that effect us all.
Nuff said..... Have a very Holy Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a great New Year. ................. Thanks for being there and sharing ... Winstone

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