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Postby mixa » Fri Mar 09, 2007 2:35 pm

Hello everyone. Just recieved my mdx-15 I'm sure there will be alot of questions in the beginning so just hang in there with me. I operate a small custom jewelry and repair shop in milwaukee WI.
:D :oops:

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Postby rckymtnjwlr » Fri Mar 09, 2007 8:27 pm

Welcome aboard. I have had my mill for over a year and weekly get useful info. from this site. The best thing to do after your tutorials is browse some of the past posts on anything that looks like it might answer related questions you might have. And never be afraid to ask that question these guys are a vast sea of knowledge in most areas related to our little mill. :D

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Postby Ringmaker » Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:14 pm


Great to have you on-board. I have been lurking for some time now What helped me the most is studying the Highlights Lot of great stuff there.

Hope to see some of your work soon.

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Postby Winstone » Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:43 pm

Welcome Mixa,
We are all enriched by you joining our little group of mad millers. Read the posts, keep a notebook, date designs, and keep up with the banter. We are from many disciplines, some old, some young, some large, some with small shops, but everyone is important to the strength of the whole. Look at the Gallery. Winstone

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Postby frog113 » Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:48 pm

Wecome aboard!


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Colin Creed
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Postby Colin Creed » Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:07 am

Hi Mixa,

Welcome aboard.

regards Colin

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Postby mattdzero » Mon Mar 12, 2007 8:30 am

glad to have you..These guys on the board are a huge help..They really know alot..Have a blast with it..I am!!

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jeff dunnington
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Postby jeff dunnington » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:31 pm

Hey Michael

Glad to have you as a new 3dwaxmiller. If you need help don't me shy just jump on the board and make a post. You will get all the help you will need.


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